2022 Annual Report

Solid results achieved in 2022

In 2022 PKO Bank Polski Group generated PLN 3.3 billion net profit while profitability measured by return on equity amounted to 9.7%, despite the burden of significant extraordinary events. This was the highest result achieved in the banking sector in Poland in 2022. The group's assets increased to PLN 431 billion and financing granted to customers to PLN 246 billion. More

Ready for the challenges, focused on the future

In 2022 we adopted the Bank's strategy for 2023-2025. Using our competitive advantages: the scale of operations, digitality and technological competences as well as safety and stability, we set ourselves goals aimed at customers, employees, society and shareholders. More
PLN million
Net profit
Solid net profit and ROE, despite the significant impact of extraordinary events
Solid capital base with significant surplus over regulatory requirements
CET1 =Tier1
Capital base with significant surplus over regulatory requirements
53 bp
Effective management of costs of risk and record low NPL level
11.7 million
Number of customers
4.8 million
Primary customers
246 PLN
Granted financing
453 PLN
Customer savings
Market share in the sale of mortgage loans
Market share in investment funds for individuals
Reduction greenhouse gas emissions of the bank (Scope 1 and 2)
Share of financing of the coal and lignite mining sectors in total assets
Increase in green finance of the Bank
Value of exposure in green financing in relation to carbon-intensive financing
Women employed in key managerial positions
Employee rotation rate

Letter from the CEO

The year 2022 clearly confirmed that PKO Bank Polski is the cornerstone of the Polish banking system and an institution that is very well prepared for the difficult times. Our experience and scale of operation, combined with professionalism of our employees, allowed for aligning the actions to the current needs of clients and the entire national economy.


Pillars of the strategy

Customer at the centre

simple, friendly and accessible bank

Lifestyle banking

bank of the future focused on modern acquisition

The best value proposition for business customers

thanks to the scale of the PKO BP Group

Leader of the ESG transition

in the Polish banking sector

Agile technologies

and future-ready operations

Culture of innovation and agility

PKO Bank of talents

Leveraging Bank's strong position

for inorganic growth

ESG transformation one of the pillars of the strategy 2023-2025

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Increase in green finance of the Bank by 54% y/y. Reduction in the Bank’s greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 61.7% compared to the base year.

We offer  growing range of  products supporting environmental protection. The Bank’s product offer includes, among other things, a green mortgage, a thermomodernization loan or an eco-loan for the purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels. We offer Biznesmax guarantee from the BGK to corporate customers and the product offer of PKO TFI includes an investment fund “PKO Ecology and Social Responsibility Global Fund”.


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In 2022, 252 sponsorship projects received financial support.

In accordance with our mission, we conduct activities whose aim is to have a positive impact on the society, the economy, and the environment. We support activities promoting pro-social attitudes and popularising national heritage, educational and sports projects and actively participates in economic congresses and industry conferences. We actively promote sport, support culture and art, and promote solutions in the field of new technologies.


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Corporate governance

The female-to-male pay ratio was 93%.

We aim to ensure, promote and popularise diversity in the Bank and whole Capital Group. We care that diversity is present in our organizational culture, strongly embedded in initiatives, daily operations as well as in the relevant policies, regulations and processes.   While building teams, we understand that diversity is their important asset as it supports creating innovations and smoothing operations.



Since the first moments of the war in Ukraine, the Bank Group has been involved in various forms of aid. The main efforts were coordinated by the PKO Bank Polski Foundation and financed from the Foundation’s resources and from voluntary donor. A total of 900 people were assisted by the Foundation in 2022, and the value of the aid amounted to nearly PLN 12 million.

PLN million
The value of aid for Ukrainian refugees

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