2022 Annual Report

How we create value

2022 Annual Report

The Bank’s Group is a leading financial institution in Central and Eastern Europe. The Bank, the parent entity of the Bank’s Group, is the largest commercial bank in Poland in terms of the value of assets and equity, the value of loans, deposits, and savings, the size of the distribution network, as well as the number of customers served and the number of employees.

The Bank is a universal bank that provides deposit and lending services to individuals and legal entities. It provides financial services and provides customer service in branches, agencies, as well as modern online and mobile banking systems. In 2022, it opened the first branch in the metaverse. The Bank provides services to the largest number of retail customers, which makes it particularly important in customer education, allowing them to use new products and new channels of access to financial services offered.

Through its subsidiaries, the Bank’s Group offers, among other things, mortgage loans, specialist financial services including leasing, factoring, investment funds, pension funds and insurance, fleet management services, transfer agent services, provides technological solutions and manages real estate. It also conducts banking operations and provides debt collection and financial services in Ukraine.

The Bank earns income from interest, commissions and fees and from other sources. It finances operating costs from the revenue generated. The profit shall be distributed with shareholders to the extent permitted by financial supervision institutions. Apart from financial profits, the Bank is trying to generate benefits for the economy, environment and local communities. The sustainable dimension of activities in all areas has been incorporated into the new 2023-2025 strategy.

Value creation model

Financial capital

2021 2022
Total assets PLN 418 billion PLN 431 billion
Total equity PLN 38 billion PLN 35 billion
Financing of customers PLN 248 billion PLN 246 billion
Deposits PLN 322 billion PLN 340 billion
  • Increased scale of activity
  • Capital ratios well above regulatory requirements
  • Secure loan portfolio management
  • Effective management of operating costs
  • High quality of customer financing

  • Solid net profit PLN 3,333 million
  • The PKO Bank Polski Group is one of the largest financial groups in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe
  • Decrease in financing in the retail segment offset by an increase in financing granted to corporate customers
  • An increase in deposits of PLN 17 billion
  • The largest share in the Polish banking sector (20.0%), in loans (17.0%), in sales of mortgage loans (20.4%) and the market for investment funds for individuals (20.6%)
  • Record low NPL level 3.80%

Intellectual and organizational capital

2021 2022
Branch network 975 own outlets, 447 agencies 967 own outlets, 349 agencies
Digital channels 6.1 million of active IKO applications 7.2 million of active IKO applications
468 million transactions in IKO 665 million transactions in IKO
Artificial intelligence Service for customers carried out by 12 bots Service for customers carried out by 16 bots
Robotization of processes 176 processes run by robots 230 processes run by robots
  • Digital transformation supporting Customers switching to remote service channels
  • New functionalities and services offered remotely (e.g. PKO Pay Later)
  • Implementing three new contactless payments: SwatchPAY!, Xiaomi Pay, Google Pay
  • Growing number of tasks carried out by AI
  • Releasing the LikePOS mobile application for business customers
  • Implementing the transition from the traditional IT model to the provision of own services through cloud solutions

  • An average customer rating for IKO application of 4.8/5
  • Increase in the number of transactions in IKO by +38% y/y
  • 100% of the traffic at the Contact Center is handled primarily by bots
  • More than18 million number of calls made via all voicebots
  • Contact Center available 24h a day
  • Moving 12 thousand customer advisor jobs to the cloud
  • Launching the Warsaw PKO Rotunda in the Metaverse

Human capital

2021 2022
Employment 25,657 FTEs 25,071 FTEs
Diversity 74% women, 26% men 78% women, 22% men
Well-being projects 7.6 thous. webinar participants 4.8 thous. webinar participants
Development and education 13 average hours of training per year per employee 13 average hours of training per year per employee
Gender pay gap 5% in the Bank, 8% in the Group 4% in the Bank, 7% in the Group
  • Reducing the number of branches and automation of processes
  • Implementing the project “Friendly working environment” covering, among other things: a functional workplace, the implementation of a hybrid work model, digitization and simplification of processes
  • Work of teams with diverse skills and competences based on the Agile methodology
  • Implementing the project #FokusNaCiebie – out of care for the work-life balance, as well as both emotional and physical well-being

  • The global ratio of women’s salaries to men’s salaries in the Bank at 96%
  • 40% of women in key managerial positions
  • 11 666 thousand of customers. An increase in the number of customers of 546 thousand y/y
  • An increase in salaries of 8% y/y in total

Social capital

2021 2022
Sponsorship activities 458 of new sponsorship requests. Financial support for 196 projects 549 of new sponsorship requests. Financial support for 252 projects
Charity work 243 social projects supported by donations 300 social projects supported by donations
Social influence through central taxes PLN 3,539 million PLN 4,790 million
Employee volunteering 1,652 volunteers
  • Humanitarian aid and assistance to employees of the Ukrainian Group companies and package of amenities for Ukrainian citizens
  • Financing the housing needs of Poles
  • Counteracting financial exclusion
  • Education of children and the products targeted at them
  • Charitable activities carried out by the PKO Bank Polski Foundation
  • CHF mortgage settlement program

  • PLN 12 million for the aid for refugees, 367 thousand savings accounts opened within the special offer
  • PLN 88 million allocated to social activities
  • Pioneer in the CHF settlements programme – over 37 thousand applications filed
  • 73% of successfully completed CHF settlements in total completed cases
  • More than 20 thousand settlements concerning mortgage loans in CHF concluded
  • From among 352 thousand complaints, approx. 79% were investigated within 14 days

Natural capital

2021 2022
Exposure of the Bank in „green” industries (in total assets) 1.30% 1.92%
Exposure of the Bank high carbon emissions energy sectors (in total assets) 0.37% 0.38%
Total energy consumption in the Bank 184,658 MWh 179,861 MWh
Total emissions in the Bank (Scope 1 + 2 + 3) 41,637 MgCo2e 51,965 MgCo2e
  • Lending policies changing the structure of financing for selected industries/sectors
  • Introducing a procurement policy taking into account ESG factors
  • Assessing the impact of environmental, social and corporate governance factors on Customers’ creditworthiness
  • Eliminating exposure to the coal mining sector by 2030
  • “Green” products of the Bank’s Group, including a green mortgage, the Investment Fund “PKO Ecology and Social Responsibility Global Fund”
  • Continuing activities aimed at implementing the Energy Management System in accordance with ISO50001
  • New Bank Headquarters at Świętokrzyska Street no. 36 in Warsaw holds the BREEAM Interim certificate of sustainable construction at the Outstanding level (93.6%) – it is the highest-rated building in Poland
  • Adoption of the strategy for 2023-2025. One of the goals of the strategy is to become the leader of the ESG transformation in the Polish banking sector

  • Reduction in the Bank’s greenhouse gas emissions of 61.7% since 2019
  • A 0.09% share of financing for the coal and lignite mining sectors in total assets
  • The value of exposure to green financing 5 times higher than the value of exposure to carbon intensive industries
  • Increase in green financing of 54% y/y
  • Purchase of guarantees of origin of electricity from RES, which accounted for 93% of the Bank’s electricity consumption
  • The share of loans to Customers from carbon-intensive industries amounted to 0.38%
  • Corporate bonds issuance – the first Polish issue of Sustainability-linked bonds

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